The Ten Best Boxed and Canned Wines to Drink in 2021

Eco-friendly and portable, boxed and canned wine are perfect for parties by the pool, ocean and sea.

Years ago most of us would have stuck up our nose to the sound of boxed or canned wine but now in 2021, the eco-friendly quality that they possess cannot be denied. Glass may seem like the more eco-friendly option, however in most areas the thick green bottle glass is difficult to recycle. Of course you may want to look into this in your local area to confirm. Boxes and aluminum cans are widely recyclable. The cardboard and plastic bladders used to construct boxed wines are commonly made with recycled materials, so you gain recycling points automatically by buying a boxed wine.

In addition to boxed and canned wines eco-friendly nature, they are perfect for long weekend celebrations with cookouts by the pool or on the beach because they are glass free and easy to throw in a cooler. If you are perplexed by the notion of throwing a boxed wine into a cooler, it is really simple. Just undo the box and remove the bladder containing the wine, throw the box away and voilà you have cooler friendly wine to share! If this arts and crafts project is off putting to you and you are looking for a covid era option, canned wine is the option for you. It allows everyone to have their personal can and admirably fits next to your coronas on ice!

Top 10 boxed wines to try:

Franzia may have reigned the boxed wine industry for decades but move over Franzia some other options are on the rise! Wine companies have recognized the need to use recycled and easily recyclable materials so many of your favorite brands now carry a boxed version.

1. Badger Mountain Red (organic)

2. Big Sipper

3. Vin Vault

4. Almaden

5. The Naked Grape

6. House Wine

7. La Vielle Ferme

8. Maison Cubi

9. Block Red

10. From the Tank (organic)

Top 10 canned wines to try:

Many say canned wines are having a moment and I completely agree with that statement. Canned wines are top down some of the most instagrammable worthy cans on the market! Rosés and sparkling versions are typically the most common and widely produced but our list below contains a healthy mix of reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wine options.

1. Yes Way Rosé

2. Underwood

3. Pampelonne

4. Cupcake - Yes you have probably had a bottle or two before!

5. Sunny Side

6. Oceans Away - Sparkling Pineapple Wine

7. The Curator

8. HUN

9. Canned Wine Co.

10. Nomadica

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