March Makers Spotlight: Lit Moments

Lit Moments started out as Cassandra Bolden's hobby but she nurtured it into something much bigger. She took natural wax candles and elevated them with luxury fragrance oils. Cassandra didn't stop there, she wanted to use her passion to make a difference in her community. That is when she came up with the idea of giving a portion of sales to sickle cell research.

They don't just sell candles they sell a luxury experience. Their collection includes experiences like epiphany, etude, legend and legacy. Each experience also conveys notes of their african american culture.

epiphany = floral red rose and tonka bean

etude = saffron, tobacco and resins

legend = oud, almond milk and tonka bean

legacy = ginger, floral, patchouli and amber

Lit Moments is a small business with a huge heart. When Cassandra's grandson was diagnosed with sickle cell, she knew that her passion had a new purpose. She developed the "Logan" candle for her grandson and a portion of the profit goes to sickle cell research. The Wine and Ritas philosophy is one in the same and we hope you will help us in supporting small businesses like Lit Moments who make huge impacts in their local communities!

Wine and Ritas is proud to feature such great products in our specially curated gifts but if you would like to purchase directly from Lit Moments visit their site

Let us know in the comments what your favorite product is!!

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