January Makers Spotlight: Margarita Man

Margarita Man was started in 1984. They first supplied the beverage industry with margarita or frozen drink machines but quickly discovered an underserviced area in the market.........delicious and natural frozen margarita concentrate. This turned into a budding business and Margarita Man now has over 20 flavor offerings. Wine and Ritas gifts will feature Margarita Man products so you can purchase them while also supporting other small American businesses or purchase directly from the Margarita Man site.

Margarita Man, margarita mix, is made of all natural ingredients and is sweetened with pure cane sugar. Absolutely no high fructose corn syrup present. They have many delicious flavors like:

- Apple Cider

- Banana

- Blue Hawaiian

- Blue Raspberry

- Cherry Bomb

- Cola

- Dreamsicle

- Feelin' no Pain

- Frose'

- Goombay Smash

- Green Apple (Appletini)

- Hurricane

- Mai Tai

- Mango

- Margarita

- Mudslide

- Neutral Base

- Orange Power

- Peach Bellini

- Pina Colada

- Pumpkin Spice

- Rum Runner

- Sangria

- Strawberry

- Strawberry-Banana

- Summertime Lemonade

- TKO - Tropical Knockout

- Watermelon

- White Russian

Let us know in the comments what your favorite flavor is!!

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