How Do Wines Become Rare and Expensive?

Ever asked yourself why some wines are held to such high esteem over others? (me too!) Here are some of the reasons why wines become expensive.

  1. There are not many in circulation, so they are extremely rare.

  2. Vintages that were produced in years where the climate worked in harmony to produce the perfect growing environment are valued higher than vintages produced in off years of severe rain, sun, temperatures or poor soil quality.

  3. Low yield winery production quantities effect price as well. So for instance a winery that produces 300 bottles are often valued higher per bottle than a winery producing 5,000 bottles.

  4. Verifiable provenance - documentation that a bottle of wine is what it claims to be.

  5. Most wines develop complex flavors over time so the age of the bottle often reflects the price. However a lot of aged wines have passed their peak and are merely collectible pieces, not suitable for drinking.

Wine Trivia:

  • What's the most expensive bottle of wine on the market?

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti “Romanee-Conti” - Pinot Noir produced in Burgundy = $19,000

-reason for price = low yield, high quality

  • What is the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold?

1945 Romanee-Conti

-2 bottles sold in October 2018 for $558,000 and $496,000

-reason for price = only 600 ever bottled

  • What is the oldest wine on the market?

1796 Lenox Madeira

-found in 2015 at the Liberty Hall Museum behind a plastered up wall, possibly concealed during prohibition

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