About Us

Finding Inspiration by Empowering Women

As a woman entrepreneur we understand women! We know that you want a wine with a bold flavor, not a bold price tag. We also know that you care about how and where the wine is produced and what farming methods are used to provide you with your favorite bottle. Tilted Crown wines sustainably sources wines from your favorite regions and best farmers in America. We curate a wine list that you can trust the source of. Happy wining! 


Our Story

Tilted Crown wines started with Nikia's passion for wine and passion to uplift American producers. The Tilted Crown mission is to not only share great wines but to encourage everyone to engage - discover - thrive. 

Meet The Founder

Nikia Zaremba

Welcome to Tilted Crown Wines! My name is Nikia Zaremba and I'm the Founding Director. We all know that crisis can bring on inspiration and new ways of thriving. COVID-19 hit American businesses hard and so I was determined to find a way to help. I decided to combine my passion for wine and desire to help by creating a sustainably sourced wine company. I wanted to create a label that women not only loved but trusted. Tilted Crown Wines wants to ensure you know what you're getting is unique and not mass produced from large wine producers like so many wines you find at the store. That's our promise to you! We invite you to join our mission and sign up to receive our newsletter that features captivating information about the wine industry. We guarantee you won't find another wine like ours!

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